Twenty-six million Americans bicycle at least once a week, and I am one of them. I have ridden a bicycle for over sixty years. I have just completed a manuscript with the title The Happiness Machine: Life on Two Wheels over Sixty Years. This book chronicles my passionate lifetime of cycling. I explore the bicyclist’s intimate, and at times breathtaking, connection to the environment, history and local culture. In this blog I will have narrative descriptions of how bicycling is a kind of gift, a gift giving fun, physical health and a better environment. Now over sixty, the thrill of bicycling doesn't reach the high points of times past, but every mind clearing ride allows me to focus on what is important in life.

I will be adding some blogs on my bicycling experiences. Also, I will keep all updated on the progress in publishing the book. Stay tuned.  This is the link for a listing of articles and posts on bicycling for this site.