About Me

Doug Barnes is an extensively published infrastructure sociologist with a strong background in economics who specializes in energy and environmental issues. I have been involved in rural energy, household energy and international development issues for the last 35 years. I have worked for 25 years at the World Bank and 4 years at Resources for the Future both of which are located in Washington DC. During my 25 year career at the World Bank I completed books on energy in developing countries with publishers such as Oxford University and Routledge Press.

Recently I have turned my writing experience to exploring my lifetime passion of bicycling.  I also am volunteering at the Bicycle Loan Program at Great Falls Tavern in the C & O Canal National Historic Park.

Education:  Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1969; St. John's University, New York, 1973; University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, 1979.

For my author page on Amazon go to: amazon.com/author/dougbarnes.

For my blog on household energy and rural electrification issues see my website Energy for Development.

Contact Information: barnesdf@gmail.com

Banner Photo by Doug Barnes taken at Widewater (near Old Anglers Inn, Potomac Maryland) on the C & O Canal National Historical Park.